The Disadvantages Bentacos Printmedia of Business Cards

The Disadvantages Bentacos Printmedia of Business Cards

The 5 of Disadvantages Bentacos Printmedia Of Business Cards is before you take out the decision of going for a digital card. Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages you need to keep in mind are:


Cost- Business cards are cost-efficient only when they ordered in large quantities which is useful for established businesses. On the other hand, small businesses do not need large quantities of cards at one time. Ordering them in small quantities can make them expensive. Moreover,  there are situations when your phone number, address or any other information changes. You have to waste lot of money printing new business cards.


Accessibility: There are chances that you may forget to take your business cards with you. In this situation, you end up writing your telephone number and address on a piece of paper, which doesn’t look professional.


Limited Space: Printed cards offers a limited amount of space which is not enough to showcase products and services.


Organization: Digital cards are getting popular nowadays because you do not have to carry them with you every time, you can send it to many numbers of receipts simply with a single click. There is no need of spending money for reprints if any information changes. Moreover, you can change them for free in just a few seconds.


Conclusion- Although people are opting digital cards because of its cool and great features, still the experts is not yet ready to let go of the traditional and classic printed business card.