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Employee Benefits

 Bentacos Corporation will give a great employee benefits offer for qualified candidates. Which will be based on how much Skills and Experience they can offer to work on Bentacos Corporation

Qualified Candidates are Entitled to the Following:

1. Bentacos Employee entitlement of 13th Month Salary in a year

2. Bentacos Employee entitlement to yearly vacations of two (2 weeks)

3. The Meal and Transportation Allowance will be inclusive

4. 50% HMO Contribution


The following government contribution will be automatically deducted from regular Bentacos employees based on their salary, with the following benefits:

Social Security System (SSS) benefits

The SSS Employees’ Compensation (EC) program has been in place to help workers who encounter work-related illnesses or injury resulting in disability or death. This includes compensation for: medical services, appliances, and supplies in an accredited hospital; rehabilitation services, including medical, surgical, and hospital treatment; and income cash benefit.

Pag-IBIG benefits

This entitles employees to avail of a Housing Loan, Calamity Loan, and Multi-Purpose Loans that aim to provide financial assistance to their needs.

PhilHealth Benefits

Provides financial assistance for inpatient and outpatient hospitalization, as well as Z Benefit Packages for patients undergoing prolonged hospitalization and expensive treatments and suffering from Millennium Development Goal (MDG)-related illnesses.