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Bentacos Information Technology Services

Bentacos Information Technology and Services top notch the web development and do provide best quality of IT Services on Multi-national companies . Here below are some of our E-Commerce and Marketing websites.

NewVision team is a well connected professional individual in the broadcast industry with highly qualified experience, technically inclined group of experts that has a massive 15 years of experience aimed to envision a world class of customer satisfaction accepted in the international standards in the world of broadcasting for radio, television and telecommunication Industry.

NewVision Broadcast Solution and Services is under a company of Bentach Corporation serving two core business industry segments, a broadcast supply equipment, services and information technology solution and services. The company is duly registered under the Philippine Laws and with headquartered in Level 10-1, 25th Street, 5th Avenue, One Global Place, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines.

We are an affiliate partner of a Switzerland based company.

Where products like Guardrails, Road Signages (Warning/Danger signs, Informatory and Regulatory signs), Thermoplastic Pavement Markings, Reflectorized Traffic Paint, Reflectorized Road Studs, Solar Road Studs, Solar Traffic Lights, Gabions, Steel Matting, Bearing Pads, Joint Fillers and other products are of high quality and at reasonable prices.

Where your Informatory, Regulatory, Warning and Directional Road Signages requirements are guaranteed to be of high quality without paying more.

Staff-Me Job Portal

Staff-Me About Us will give you the information about Staff-Me and Bentacos Corp, We offer a job portal that that which shows Office Based and Home Based job. Sign up and start posting your jobs and applying for the jobs that you see fit.

BSP IRO Website will be used for Investor Relations Office of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for them to make a posting of their Article, News and Updates as well as their upcoming events and advertisements

NQC: 500 Year of Valor and Victor

National Quincentennial Committee presenting their new website for Philippine Quincentennial Commemorations “500 Year of Valor and Victory”


ENI-T Website is one of Bentacos Switzerland client. The restaurant “ENI’T” (Etruscan for meat) is ideally situated not too far away from Paradeplatz and offers customers an unforgettable, unique meaty experience. Zurich is now enriched by a new gastronomic attraction. On this website ENI-T will be showcasing their restaurant and specialties on food


Younite is one of the Bentaco Switzerland client. On this website the’re showcasing the company as well as their services

Our team will enable you to enhance your presentation over the internet fusing social media into your online marketing strategic plan.

Printmedia Bentacos

New Collection 2018

Sale up to 50% all product in the new collection

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Bentacos Education is helpful for students to know the important learning resources in schools. Currently, previous methods, learning resource is important just because many students have viewed it.