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Welcome to Bentacos Human Resources Information Services is a best all in one developed to aid Human Resources Professional in timekeeping, attendance data, management data and organizational charts. Easily automate your people HR admin processes with additional documents, work flows, real time notifications and collect information data.


  • Admin Overview Panel
  • Employee Overview Panel (Leave, Leave Plan, Vacation Availability)
  • Time-In Stamp
  • Time-Out Stamp


  • Search Payroll Filter
  • View Leave
  • Create Payroll
  • Edit Payroll
  • Remove Payroll
  • Bulk Payroll
  • Payroll Settings (SSS, Pag-IBIG, Tax and Philhealth)
  • Automated Calculation Logic from Attendance, Leave Request, and the deduction of Payroll Settings

Access Management

  • Search User Filter
  • Add User
  • Edit User
  • Remove User
  • Search Department Role Filter
  • Assign Roles and Permissions
  • Remove Roles and Permissions


  • Company Settings
  • Department (View, Add, Edit, Remove)
  • Holidays (View, Add, Edit, Remove)
  • Leaves (View, Add, Edit, Remove)
  • Employment Status (View, Add, Edit, Remove)
  • Company Banks (View, Add, Edit, Remove)
  • Settings (Logos, Modules, Format and Security)


  • All Reports Can be filter
  • The report can export in PDF, TXT or Excel File
  • Employee Attendance Report
  • Employee Tardiness Report
  • Employee Absences Report
  • Payroll Report
  • BIR 1601C Report
  • Payroll BPI Payroll Report
  • Payroll BDO Payroll Report
  • Payroll HSBC Payroll Report
  • Payroll Maybank Payroll Report
  • Pag-IBIG HQP-PFF-053 Report
  • Pag-IBIG Soft Copy Report
  • Philheath ER2 Report
  • Philhealth RF-1 Report
  • SSS R-1a Report

Employee Management

  • Employee (View, Add, Edit and Remove)
  • Attendance (View, Add, Edit and Remove)
  • Leave Request (View, Add, Edit and Remove)
  • Overtime Request (View, Add, Edit and Remove)

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