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Project-Lead, Infrastructure, Websites, System-Integration, Interface, Data Warehouse, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Project Management

Bentacos provide the best project management services to plan, control, and process your digital solutions. We assure you that our seasoned project managers strive to deliver your project demands which inlined on Bentcos IT Services.

Infrastructure Security

It is very important to stabilize and secure the infrastructure of an operating system or during software updates. Now with Bentacos IT Services which are the professionals will help you do just that and more.


Website Development

Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. These are just some of the sites that our team of talented experts can create. Just give us your idea for your site and let Bentacos IT Services take care of bringing it into life.

Interface Development

Do you need to build an interface to communicate with several applications or systems? Let us take care of it! We can analyse, plan and create any interface for communication between several applications or systems.


Data Warehouse

It is integral to have a Data Warehouse for websites collecting big data stream. Our team can help you create the Data Warehouse and build business reports for statistics and analysis.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is slowing starting to take over businesses. If you wan to ride th wave, it’s best to do it now. With our team of experts, we will help you in building your blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Artificial Intelligence

In the following years, artificial intelligence will be integrated by big companies to save them a lot of costs. With our experience of using and creating artificial intelligence from Amazon AWS, Google Vision, and Open Source, we can create new services for your websites and applications.

Social Media & Analytics

If you want to raise your sales through raising your social media presence, then you’ve come to the right place. Bentacos IT Services are the experts that can help you manage and utilize your social media accounts across different platforms.

Virtual Office

Bentacos IT Services help start up companies save money for their office and commercial rent expenses considering that they are newbies in the commercial and trade industries. Aside from start up companies, we also cater existing domestic corporations, business persons, professionals, firms, associations if they want an additional business address to cater more clients and/or customers as well as to make the public know that they have several branches aside from their head office. Our IT Services having a virtual office will save time, money and effort. By just a call, text and email away, our subscribers will automatically know updates and get information and inquiries regarding their specific customers. Bentacos also introducing HubStaff time tracker for virtual employees.

Mobile Application Design

We focused on varaieties of mobile application from buisness, personal and gaming purposes. We value quality control and specifications to make sure that we are above expectations. We have a team of mobile developers who will develop and maintain your desired mobile applications.

Business Consultancy

We also provide business consultancy as well as helping newly start up companies with their SEC, BIR, Philhealth, SSS, PAGIBIG, Barangay and Mayor’s Permit and all other Government permits processing at the lowest cost.

Bills Payment

We are considered as your one shop bills payment at the most affordable minimal fee. We pay your bills online and we provide receipt real time.

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