Bentacos: Website Design Guidelines To Ensure A Better User Experience

Bentacos: Website Design Guidelines To Ensure A Better User Experience

A website is considered as the visual appearance of a company or brand. In this competitive era it is very important to compete with other brand physically as well as virtually. Standard web conventions” are web design standards and best practices. They’re a set of rules that web designers follow, knowing that they align with visitors’ expectations.


They are guidelines for clarity and usability.

Being competitive virtually means design a website is which attracts more traffic and offer a very impactful user experience. This can be done if the website developer is well known to the trends going on. And the techniques used by other competitors.


Effecting use of headings is very imperative in order to convey the required information to the users. Your heading should be such that it clearly states what your content and company is about. It should be a short description of what your content or point is about.


Being responsive platforms is designing your website in such a way that it is easily accessible on all kinds of platforms like mobile phone, tablets etc. People today are very habitual to their phones and find using it easy as compared to laptops or computers. So, when they are in search of something they use their phones.


Research means visiting all top website and paying attention as to how they have designed their websites, what kind of tools are used by them, the kind of fonts, color combinations, images etc. This will help the developer get to know about loopholes in his website and what can be the possible means to alter it.


Good Content is a good content will also help users find answers to their questions and then they will access the website more frequently thus contributing to success of the company.