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Process optimisation

Process optimisation: change as a value-creation opportunity

process optimisation

Process optimisation is when you reveal the hidden potential for optimising performance and improving the quality of your services and products. Bentacos supports your company strategy, sustainably and efficiently.


Before processes can be optimised, they have to be mapped transparently. A thorough process map forms the basis for later optimisation. These process models are complemented by process-specific metrics, such as throughput times and process capacities.

Our method

  •  Process analysis and creation of process map
  •  Determination of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  •  Joint definition of objectives
  •  Development and modelling of new processes
  •  Introduction or simulation of new processes and analysis of results


Bentacos develop tailored solutions through a standardised method to conceive and implement your customised process optimisation. An integrated model for the process of optimisation is a precondition for continuous improvement of business processes within the company.