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What is Bentaco IT Offshoring?



Bentaco IT Offshoring is a relocation of an Information Technology business process to one company to another-typically an operational process of IT Services including hosting and IT support.  Bentaco IT offshoring focuses on Information Technology industry as part of developing global information systems. It utilizes skilled technical staff in lower-wage countries to supplement or replace in-house IT operations, a process where you can have your own IT department without worrying on IT staffing.

Why Bentaco IT Offshoring?


 Bentaco IT offshoring can offer application development to system integration, ongoing maintenance, testing, operational support, and help desk services. By using highly certified vendors with well-educated and highly trained employees, extremely complex projects can be handled successfully offshore. Bentacos can focus on manufacturing, sales and marketing, and product planning. Offshoring opportunities exist in all these areas and cover a range of systems: product planning portals, data warehousing and business intelligence systems, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and enterprise application integration




  • Manpower cost reduction -You can lessen your manpower operations expense by assigning task to our team.
  • Utility Cost Reduction – Lessen utility bills as we are using our own
  • No need to invest on equipments.
  • Good English Communication Skills for Clear Information
  • Highly skilled worker to bring quality Services.
  • Unlimited Solution to your IT problems
  • Online support 24/7