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Unix / Linux

Get the most out of Unix and Linux with Bentacos


We implement stable Unix- and Linux-based system landscapes – and we’re there for you whenever you need quick, qualified assistance.

Increasingly widespread

This is a powerful operating system and it’s increasingly the first choice of IT professionals when it comes to operating servers. Take a look at companies these days and you’ll usually find at least one Unix or Linux system working behind the scenes.


Our experts can help you to plan and implement programming language professionally.

Bentacos has years of experience in operating Unix and Linux systems. In both desktop and server environments, on smaller assignments and major international projects.

That’s experience you can benefit from. Bring our specialists in for temporary assignments, for those tricky challenges or for technical fire-fighting when things really heat up.

Our services

  • Development of various systems, from relatively simple configurations right up to high-performance, cluster-based systems for business solutions
  • Solution design and project implementation
  • SAP core infrastructure based on Unix or Linux
  • Repair and maintenance of lega
  • Provision of missing or incomplete documentation
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Analysis of system errors such as memory leaks, kernel locks and application core dumpsPerformance-Analyse und -Tuning
  • Development and design of cloud solutions, such as OpenStacks
  • Wide range of automation solutions