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Storage/Data Management

Professional storage solutions for future-oriented data management

data management

Bentacos put together complete storage and archiving solutions. We can draw on our years of experience in the field of complex storage functions data management – right up to high-performance, uninterrupted multi-data centre storage solutions.

Complexity: an increasing challenge

Digital data volumes are increasing all the time, while data retention is also becoming more complex.

Legal requirements alone can no longer be satisfied without professional data management. It’s also the only way to prevent data from being accidentally changed, deleted or distributed across multiple data carriers.


Complete storage concepts: a robust solution

Bentacos can design, implement and operate storage solutions for you. We take on the burden and help you manage and document your data professionally.

We configure your storage on site according to your individual requirements. We cover the full spectrum of technical options, from simple file storage to mainframe application memory.


Multi-data centre storage: our speciality

Bentacos has carried out numerous complex storage projects and can offer an overview of the possible solutions. We’re experts in NAS (network attached storage) – and designing high-performance, uninterrupted multi-data centre storage solutions is our speciality.

Would you like to be able to save, restore, archive and protect your data in a professional way? Then we may well be the partner you’re looking for. Our specialists look forward to your enquiry and would be happy to advise you.