Operational support

Ensuring availability with operational support from Bentaco Information Technology Services

bentacos operational support

Whether as backup for your IT team, to get you through resource bottlenecks or to complement your internal competencies: our operational support ensures that your IT is always available.

Targeted and precise

We draw up a tailored support agreement with you. So you get precisely the help you need to ensure maximum availability. Our experts relieve resource bottlenecks, undertake targeted technical interventions and share their knowledge with you.

Bentacos has just the right specialists for you. All thanks to our leading-edge expertise and a pool of systems and solution engineers.


Our range of services

Choose from one of the following service support options:

  • Service desk organisation and operational support process according to ITIL standards, in a number of languages
  • Stand-by services up to 24/7
  • Support in the event of disruption or other problems
  • Assistance with second- and third-level issues
  • On-site maintenance and upkeep of IT infrastructure solutions
  • Temporary or mandated operational support in all IT functions and roles