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Networks and security

Future-oriented typologies of network and security systems

network and security

Bentacos implements and operates high-performance, high-security network infrastructures. We guarantee rapid network and security service with constant availability.

Networks: a shared foundation

The network forms the basis of the professional IT infrastructure. It combines the full range of IT components, including servers, storage and clients, production environments, system controls, building automation, emergency alarms, communication tools and much more besides.

The network has to offer faultless stability and speed. This is the only way to ensure exchange of data at the required rate and reliability. Within the company and beyond.


For professional solutions and performance

We regularly put together various types of network solutions and would be happy to support yours, as well. For example, we can integrate your local IT infrastructure into an external private cloud. Or we can develop a global public cloud for your company.

And we always keep security considerations in mind – and ensure that your sensitive data is completely safe.

Do you want a modern, fast and scalable network and smooth WAN connections at all times? Then Bentacos has the expertise and passion you need.